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❤ Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery - Dark Eye Circle/Under Eye Fillers Treatment Review

When i was younger, i never had an issue with dark eye circles or eye bags. I could stay up all night and the next day i still looked fine. My mum would always tell me that i am very lucky that all these signs does not show up on my eyes (unlike for herself and my brother, if they sleep late the night before, the next morning they will have puffy eyes and dark eye circles).

But well well well, who knows after years of accumulating late nights and probably a certain level of stress, I SUDDENLY FEEL I GOT DARK EYE CIRCLES! So i told myself, maybe my job stress and try to sleep more. DOESNT WORK, still got dark eye circles.

So no choice, i was googling good eye concealers to cover dark eye circles. Because i honestly felt i looked really shagged and tired. Plus i need to go out and meet customers, i do not want to appear to them that i have never slept for a week. I've tried MANY different concealers from different brands but i cannot find one that covers my dark eye circle well.

Last resort, i googled other ways to treat dark eye circles. And i found out that using fillers is a better solution to reduce your dark eye circles. I decided to go with Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery  to treat my dark eye circles :) YAY!

What is Dark Eye Circles?

So in general, dark eye circles are caused by caused by sunkenness under the eyes, creating lines that may look like eye bags or dark circles. This is easily reversed with a non-surgical procedure – a simple injection with a very soft filler such as Restylane Vital Light under the eye areas to restore and rejuvenate.

If you happen to suffer from dark eye circles at the same time, which commonly happens to people who have sunken undereyes, the treatment also improves the appearance and reduce the extent of dark eye circles. It also helps to reduce fine lines under the eyes.
How is the treatment done?

A very soft filler is selected for eye area treatment. The filler is placed below or above the eyes where required and along tear troughs to correct the depression and lines. Dr Tiffiny Yang is very skillful, throughout the whole procedure i did not feel much pain. Numbing cream will be applied over the area to be treated and you are good to go. I would say this is very very bearable :)

The whole procedure takes about 30mins. And the results are amazing! No kidding that the dark eye circles will be reduced by at least 30%.

As you can see from the above picture, my dark eye circles have significantly reduced and I AM SO SO HAPPY!!!! 

Literally admiring myself after the whole procedure and still in awe that the results are instant.

Never seen such a chio aesthetic doctor lol! Introducing you, Dr Tiffiny Yang!
Do book an appointment with Dr Tiffiny Yang if you would like to know more on their dark eye circle treatments/under eye fillers or other services provided in the clinic :)
Tiffiny Yang Aesthetics & Surgery

Orchard Building #12-02
1 Grange Road
Singapore 239693 
(above H&M fashion store)

Call or SMS for appointments at
6338 9448 or 9186 0805 (24 hr)

Email your query to

Day 1 - after the treatment

LOOKS GOOD OR WHAT!? I did not put any makeup, i did not filter anything and is taken by my Samsung S7 edge front camera, so maybe my skin is slighly more smooth than usual. HAHAHA!

Bye Bye Dark Eye Circles! Thank You Under Eye Fillers😀😀

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